Cam Rapier Looms



TT-96 Rapier Loom is a new developed machine according to the textile industry developing trend in China. It adopted advantages from the same style machines in domestic and overseas. It is a type of middle and high grade machine at leading level in domestic.

The machine adopted the Machinery Center and Digital Aluminum-Wheel Grinder as key processing, imported and used world famous electrical components, inventing high precision whole yoke aluminum-wheel-core construction, using computer to control the functions of machine, electrical color choosing, eight weft colors, high speed and high efficiency, fitting for natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, ramie etc., also chemical fibers, mixing fibers of light or middle or heavy knit.

  • Shedding Mechanism:
    1) Active mechanical dobby or electronic dobby, mounting mode in lower position.
    2) Electronic jacquard device.
  • Weft Insertion Drive:
    Actively drive by the two sides of conjugate cams of machine.
  • Weft Supply:
    Enable the weft package to continuously unwind by independent electronic weft feeder.
  • Automatic Pick-Finding:
    With automatic pick-finding and anti-weft bar functions. The automatic reversal number of dobby can be set as required.
  • Weft Color Selection:
    Electronic weft color selector, max. 8 colors.
  • Weft Stop Motion:
    Adopt piezoquartz weft-detector system.
  • Beating-Up Motion:
    Actively drive by separate sley and two sides of close conjugate cams of machine, controlling the beating-up.
  • Let-Off Motion:
    Apply mecahnical or electronic let-off motion. Permit to select upper-and-lower warp beams or front-and-back warp beams.
  • Warp Stop Motion:
    Apply electric point contact warp stop motion.
  • Take-Up Motion:
    Adopt mechanical or electronic take-up motion.
  • Weft Density Adjustment:
    1) Set by changing the gears. Provided with change gears for 9.91-38.2 picks/cm together with mahcine, self-provided with the gears for more than 38.2 picks/cm by users. 2) Electronic setting.
  • Selvedge Device:
    Leno selvedge device or tucking-in device.
  • Lubrication:
    Oil circulation lubrication and grease lubrication.
  • Operation Mode:
    By buttons. There are step buttons, start buttons and stop buttons plus forwards and backwards buttons for dobby.
  • Inspection Mode:
    Electronic inspection mode for machine running status. Visual inspection mode for fabric quality.
  • Stop Treatment:
    Stop at the fixed position, and automatically calibrate the cloth-fell.
  • Signal Treatment:
    Four-color signal lamp for indicating warp stop, weft stop, calling signal and reaching fabric length.



TT828 Rapier Loom is an electro-mechanically integral high-speed machine of this kind newest researched and developed by our company. It applies a modular combination as its concept of design, features a concise structure, puick and easy change of mechanism alteration, furthermore, a maximum reduction of the maintenance cost.

The rapier belt is made of carbon fibre, requiring no guide hook and widening the weaving range. There are two co-yoke cams, one on each side, strong and powerful, allowing to make any fabrics with a high weft yarn density and large tension. The electronic weft yarn density. The active concentrating lubrication system gives a full lubrication to the principal, key parts and the bearings, extending the service life of the machine. An advanced digital control technique is applied for the control system, the friendly man-machine intercourse arrangement helps to operate the setting and adjust diverse technological parametric quickly, what's more, exercises a momentary monitoring of the machine's running condition at any time to carry out the diagnosis of abnormalities.

Machine form Principal Transmission Passive Rapier Loom
Nominal width 1900, 2400, 3400, 3600
Max. reduction of width 800mm
Max. wafting rate 1300 m/min
Weave able fabric weight in gram 30-650 g/
Yarn thread range short staple: 1.5Ne-120Ne, Filament yarn: 10dte-1800dte
Weaving shaft diameter 800mm or 1000mm
Weft yarn number selection 8 colours
Weft density range 2-200 yarns/cm. May plicate into different weft density program according to patterns
Weft yarn feed and winding device Electronic weft yarn feed, electronic winding
Aperture mechanism Electronic multi-arm or electronic jacquard machine
Edge-twist device Electronic edge twist or mechanical edge twist
Weft yarn control High sensitive piezoelectric test device
Warp yarn control 6 or 8 row electric contact point
Fabric winding diameter 600mm
Lubrication method Concentrated pressure oil supply and oil bath lubrication
Principal transmission 3-phase motor, nominal power 7.5kw
We also supply all types of spare parts for Cam Rapier Looms.