Electronic Jacquard

  • Easy adaption and versatile
  • User-friendly, minimal maintenance


Be widely used in weaving of trademarks, tie, towels, table, clothing and other jacquard fabrics.


With matured and adjustable shed design, to be workable with many types of imported high speed looms, such as: K88, NISSAN, PICANOL, SMIT, SOMET, SULZER, TOYOTA, VAMATEX and so on. Also can be matched with rapier looms, water-jet looms, air-jet looms and reconstructed second-hand looms.

Items Electronic Jacquard Machine
Series EHS Series E Series EC Series
Transmission Type Vertical-shaft Vertical-shaft Chain
Rotate Speed 300-600 RPM 200-300 RPM ≤ 200 RPM
Shedding Form Double-lift clear open-shed
Shedding Height Front shed 55-90mm, back shed 90-110mm, easily adjustable
Format 1344-hook, 2688-hook, 5376-hook, 6144-hook, 7488-hook, 8256-hook
Application Loom Kinds of shuttle & shuttless looms such as rapier, projectile, water jet, air jet looms
  • Grounding Resistance: < 5 Ω
  • Working Temperature: -5°C ~ +40°C
  • Working Humidity: < 85%
Item No. Format Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
EHS Series E Series EC Series L W H
E1344hs E1344 E1344c 1344-hook 1000 1900 900 1150
E2688hs E2688 E2688c 2688-hook 1300 2350 900 1150
E5376hs E5376 E5376c 5376-hook 1800 2670 1200 1170
E6144hs E6144 E6144c 6144-hook 2000 2890 1200 1170
E7488hs E7488 E7488c 7488-hook 2200 3240 1200 1170
E8256hs E8256 E8256c 8256-hook 2400 3422 1200 1170
Electronic Jacquard
Electronic Jacquard
Electronic Jacquard